Beachhouse/Louisiana Museum trip, 15-17 juni 2018 - Roforeningen KVIK - Københavns første roklub

Beachhouse/Louisiana Museum trip, 15-17 juni 2018

Start tidspunkt: 15-06-2018 kl. 16:30

Udgivet d.

Beachhouse/Louisiana Museum trip, 15-17 juni 2018

Dear Kayakers!

We are excited to invite you to a weekend full of kayaking; end destination Louisiana Museum.

We have a beach house for the weekend in Nivå. Here we will drink rosé wines, cook deliciously food and swim in the sea.

And once we get tired of living the midsummer dream- sleep indoors!

For once it is not a Trangia & tent trip! After all: cultural Lousiana is the end destination:)

We will meet at KVIK on Friday the 15th 16.30 and paddle 30 km to the beach house. On Saturday we will paddle the last 5 km to Louisiana.

On Sunday we will paddle back to KVIK, we expect to be back 16.00-17.00

We will paddle approximately 70 km altogether during the weekend.

Participants: 12 st


Lodging: 150 kr

(which is not refundable in case we need to cancel due to bad weather conditions)

Food: 350- (approximately) We will share the costs for food and drinks after the trip.

( Louisiana ticket 125-)

Sign up:

Please register which task you would like to help with for the weekend and if you have any food preferences (vegan/vegetarian etc.) or allergies.
Mobile Pay 150- kr to 27295159 Maria Rolin. Please mark: Louisiana and your mail address. Once we have received the money you have your spot.
Task list explained: due to limited space in our kayaks we need to to all shopping in Nivå.

To be able to participate you need to have have kajakret.

Kind regards Maria


  1. 2 pers- Do the shopping in Nivå (out from a common list) Saturday morning
  2. 1-2 pers- breakfast, 2 days
  3. 2 pers -dinner Saturday
  4. 1-2 pers Lunch, 2 days
  5. 1-2 pers. Coffee, tea and cake Saturday and Sunday
  6. 1-2 pers wine and drinks and shopping for it in Nivå


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