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Hellerup Handicap (kajak – første løb af sæsonen)

Start tidspunkt: 02-05-2017 kl. 18:00

Udgivet d.

Hellerup Handicap is a kayak race that takes place every Tuesday; the first race is on 2 May and the last on 12 September. The race is 6 km and starts from Hellerup Harbour and then goes twice up to Charlottenlund and back again. Everyone gets a handicap time, so the slow paddlers start first and the fast ones later, and then the battle is to be first over the line!
The course is suitable for everyone from beginners to competitive paddlers. It’s both fun to paddle out to Hellerup together and chat while waiting to start, and a great incentive to improve one’s pace, technique and ability. The race starts 18.30, so we meet in KVIK and paddle over to Hellerup latest 18:00. It is not necessary to participate in all races, but participating in more, results of course in more points.
The race costs 150kr for the full season, including the dinner and award ceremony at Hellerup Kajakklub after the last race. If you are interested in taking part, please contact Alan Lloyd.

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